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Small Ruminant Veterinary Conference 2019

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We encourage abstracts presenting preliminary or recently completed research or Knowledge, Translation and Transfer (KTT) initiatives. We also invite practitioners or others to present case reports as well as practice tips – both individual sheep and goats and flock / herd-level. There will be awards for best presentations and posters by veterinary practitioners, undergraduate and graduate students. These awards will be decided by the scientific committee and will be presented before lunch on Day 3 of the conference.

Abstracts to be Submitted by

February 28, 2019

Conference Themes

Submissions are not restricted to these themes but the scientific committee considers these important to sheep and goat health in Canada or of particular interest, and wishes to encourage submissions on these topics:

  • Advances in the diagnosis and control of gastrointestinal nematode parasites

  • Improving lamb and kid survival / disease control programmes for youngstock

  • Peripartum, metabolic and nutritional diseases

  • Zoonotic diseases of small ruminants, with emphasis on abortion diseases

  • Iceberg diseases of adult sheep and goats: control / eradication / status programmes

  • Improving udder health and milk quality

  • Use of pharmaceuticals in small ruminants, including prudent use of antimicrobials

  • Using genetic tools to improve disease resistance

  • Improving the welfare of sheep and goats

  • Delivering flock / herd health programmes that make a difference

  • Managing the small ruminant as a companion animal

  • Flock health for predator protection (guardian) animals

Instructions for Submission

Accepted abstracts will be published in electronic format as a pdf and distributed at the meeting using a USB stick.

Abstracts should be submitted as a word document to allow for editing and formatting:
* Use MS Word 2003 or later; if not available then rich text format (*.rtf) is acceptable
Download the instructions for the abstract here:

Email the completed abstract to

Presentations will be 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions. The organizing committee will attempt, whenever possible, to organize presentations into a theme. More information will be forwarded on technical requirements of the PowerPoint slides when abstracts are accepted.

Posters will be formatted as 24” wide and 36” high (portrait orientation). Each poster will have a 1 to 2 minute presentation as part of the programme, utilizing 1 or 2 PowerPoint slides. This is to encourage registrants to visit the poster. Presenters will stand by the poster at the break following their presentation on either Day 1, 2 or 3 of the conference. More information will be forwarded on preferred formatting when abstracts are accepted.

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