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Small Ruminant Veterinarians of Ontario Graduating DVM Student Award

The student who exhibits competency and interest in small ruminant medicine as demonstrated by performance in the Ruminant Health Management I rotation in the course Health Management IV in either the Mixed or Food Animal streams (VETM*4680 or VETM*4720, respectively), the Ruminant Health Management Small Ruminant module in the course Health Management III (VETM*4530), and the small ruminant section in the course Food-Animal Medicine & Surgery, VETM*4460 will be selected.

2020 – Grace Hildebrand

2019 – Rebecca Chant

2018 – Sarah Ferguson

2017 – No recipient

2016 – Elizabeth Begley

2015 – Bradley De Wolf

2014 – Lee Siertsma

2013 – Kelly Kozlowski

2012 – Thomas Veens

2011 – Talia Gurwitz

2010 – Carrie Lubrick

2018 SRVO Award Recipient Dr. Sarah Ferguson with Dr. Chris Buschbeck

2016 SRVO Award Recipient Dr. Elizabeth Begley with Dr. Chris Buschbeck

2015 SRVO Award Recipient Dr. Bradley De Wolf with Dr. Chris Buschbeck

2014 SRVO Award Recipient Dr. Lee Siertsma with Dr. Chris Buschbeck

2013 SRVO Award Recipient Dr. Kelly Kozlowski with Dr. Paula Menzies

2012 SRVO Award Recipient Dr. Thomas Veens with Dr. Allyson MacDonald

2011 SRVO Award Winner Dr. Talia Gurwitz with Dr. Allyson MacDonald

2010 SRVO Award recipient Dr. Carrie Lubrick with Dr. Rex Crawford